Agriculture Consulting

Our professional staff provides agronomy consulting services to both governments and organizations, as well as to individual growers. Our unique approach, that combines knowledge transfer and uncompromising professionalism, helps our clients to achieve better yields and become more efficient. Agrico provides expert consultancy services worldwide and our experts have continuously been at the forefront of precision agriculture, fertilization management, irrigation and water treatment technology.

Because sharing our knowledge is our passion, Agrico provides its services to large organizations as well as to individual farms and agricultural startup companies. Our goal is to help our clients to achieve outstanding results, increase efficiency, while protecting the environment, and meeting the many challenges and regulations placed in front of them. An internal technician certification program assures that we are getting the very best data at the field level in which to make the most informed decisions for the client.

This approach provides our clients with a team of people who are focused on specific aspects of your operation. We feel that with the complexities of modern farming, a team approach provides the best service to our farm clients. Moreover we have experts which are always participate in European conferences and ready to share their experience in our country.

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