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Nova fertilizer group is proud to offer a new generation of water-soluble single fertilizers.

Our single source water-soluble fertilizers are specially selected and produced for professional growers.

All single water-soluble fertilizers are derived from an unrivalled quality source.

Pure and clean fertilizers are needed to grow vegetables and other crops safely.

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Nova SOP (0-0-50+46SO3)

With a high level of Potassium and Sulphur, Nova SOP is the ideal fertilizer for crops with high demand of these nutrients, fulfilling the plant’s need and preventing possible deficiencies. The low salt index provided by Nova SOP, makes the product reliable in various type of soils

  • Nitrogen free fertilizer with a high concentration of Potassium and Sulphur.
  • With a very low salt index, Nova SOP is an ideal product for fertilization programs of crops grown in soils with high levels of salinity
  • In alkaline soils, the application of Nova SOP tends to generate a decrease in pH into the root zone, facilitating greater assimilation of phosphorus and micronutrients.
  • Nova SOP contains very fine particles (<0.015 mm) which are rapidly dissolved when preparing mother solutions.

Nova Ferti K (5-0-49+21SO3)

Nova Ferti-K is a Nitrogen-free Potassium carrier, which is an important trait for the bulking up of many vegetables and fruits. It improves fruit color, sweetness and oil content. Along with Potassium, Chloride plays an important role in controlling general osmotic pressure within plant cells.

  • Potassium regulates water management reducing the incidence of stress factors
  • Potassium is involved in transporting of sugars and directly involved in yield increase.
  • Freely soluble and quickly dissolving.

Nova Peak (0-52-34)

Nova Peak is a high-quality, with white crystal, fully watersoluble (fertigation) fertilizer Due to pure raw material and the absence of additives in the product ensures that both elements are easily absorbed by the soil.

  • Maximum flexibility in use of Nitrogen
  • Maximum content-safety
  • No ammonia; the best fit for hydroponic growing systems
  • Ideal for open field fertigation
  • Great crop starter, flower initiation

Nova PeKacid (0-60-20)

This fertilizer can be easily solved in water, which is ideal for crops grown in open areas and in soilless (other substrates) areas. The product can also be used in hard water and lime soils.

  • High P and K analysis
  • 100% water-soluble
  • Strong acidifying power (240 grams of PeKacid will redact 61 mg/ litre of HCO3)
  • Free of chloride and sodium
  • In powder form, so safe to use
  • PeKacid can be mixed with Ca and Mg
  • Prevent clogging of the pipes
  • Helps keep the energy absorbed by the plant.
  • Due to high acidity used to reduce the pH-I of alkaline soils

Nova MAP (12-61-0) – NH4H2PO4

  • Mono ammonium phosphate is the ideal fertilizer for the early development of all plants. It is necessary to apply immediately before and after the seeding.
  • Highly efficient source of phosphorus as phosphate (H2PO4-) which promotes rapid absorption by the plant
  • Nova MAP provides an acidifying effect on the soil solution favoring solubility of phosphorus and micronutrients.
  • Freely soluble and quickly dissolving.
  • Product of high purity, no residue or contaminants

Nova NK (13.5-0-46)

  • The product is rapidly dissolved in water and at the same time provides a highly efficient source of nitrogen and potassium.
  • Nova N-K includes Nitrogen in nitrate form, which remains largely in soil solution becoming immediately available for plant uptake.
  • Nova N-K can be used on all types of soils, growth media and production systems.
  • This product is suitable for all crops, although is particularly suitable for crops which are sensitive to salinity.
  • It can be used with Calcium rich waters, without worries about precipitation
  • Nova N-K has the higher solubility of Potassium based fertilizers
  • In hydroponic systems, the N in nitrate form does not compete with Ca for the absorption at the root zone.

Nova Mag S (0-0-0+16MgO+32SO3)- MgSO4

  • This fertilizer is rapidly and completely soluble in water and combines high quality and pure nutrients.
  • Highly efficient source of Magnesium and Sulphur increasing chlorophyll activity and aminoacids synthesis
  • The product is Nitrogen free, which helps to adjust easily the fertigation program, matching the plants needs for Magnesium and Sulphur
  • Freely soluble and quickly dissolving.
  • Nova Mag-S is one of the magnesium-richest, fully-soluble and non-chloride fertilizers

Nova Mag N(11-0-0+15.5 MgO)- Mg(NO3)2

  • This fertilizer is rapidly and completely soluble in water and combines high quality and pure nutrients.
  • Highly efficient source of Nitrogen and Magnesium increasing chlorophyll activity
  • Nova Mag-N provides readily available Nitrate Nitrogen which will be quickly absorbed by the plant.
  • Due to the synergism of Nitrate Nitrogen and Magnesium ions, Nova Mag-N will provide the most efficient way of Magnesium uptake by the plants.
  • High solubility and quick dissolving

Nova Ca (15.5-0-0+ 26.5CaO)

The product is the most important fertilizer that is used continuously throughout the entire development of the plant. Nova Calcium will help maintain the optimal level of calcium in the plant and eliminate any deficiency.

Nova Calcium is an important Calcium source, essential macronutrient in forming the cell walls within the plant, giving it greater strength and stability, favoring the fruit settings with greater consistency and post-harvest durability.

Nova Calcium provides readily available nitrate Nitrogen which will quickly be absorbed by the plant. The contribution of Calcium helps to maintain the structure of soil, displacing the sodium salts. Therefore the risk of sodification and destructuration of soils is diminished, especially when saline water is used for irrigation.

Due to the granular form, the product is less sensitive to be compacted during storage.

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