Potassium of Sulphate

SoluPotasse Potassium of Sulphate- K2SO4 – fertilizer

Potassium sulphate (SOP) is mainly used as fertilizer for special crops such as flowers, fruits and vegetables.
There are many features:

  • SoluPotasse® has all the necessary features that are ideal for fertility. This fertilizer is clean, and has high concentration, as well as a completely and quickly soluble in water and also very simple to use.
  • The frequency of SoluPotasse® application depends on the type of soil – less dense soils need to be used at higher doses and, on the contrary, less dosage in dense soil.
    Increases resistance to colds, diseases and insects.
  • Strengthens cell walls in plants, helps maintain cell fluid balance.
  • Causes fruit formation, growth and sugar collection, and increases quality and productivity.

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