Crop Protection Products


Chinmix – crop protection product

  • Active Substance (ISO): Beta-Cypermethrin 50 g/l;
  • Purpose: insecticide
  • Formulation: EC (emulsion concentrate)
  • Where pesticide is applied: technical crops (clover, potato)
  • Cereals (wheat, barley, raps)
  • Vegetable crops (cabbage)
  • Fruit (berries)

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Chinmix has a wide spectrum of effects and at very low doses, can destroy harmful insects quickly and efficiently. Chinmix does not damage the environment when it complies with consuption standards (it does not accumulate in the environment or cause toxic residues). Successfully applied to organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides and resistant pests populations. Mainly used in alfalfa, cereals, cotton, grapes, maize, apple, potatoes, soya bean, sugar beet, tobacco and vegetables.

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